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 Company Introduction

Dongguan Dali fluid Technology Co., Ltd. Is a non-standard fluid (hydraulic) products company established by professionals in the fluid (hydraulic) industry. The company is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, an important manufacturing city in China. The employees have a long history of over 20 years. For more than 20 years has been focused on fluid products (hydraulic system, hydraulic components) research and development, production, sales, has a wealth of industry experience. Products, non-standard custom: Hydraulic system, hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, high pressure pump (single, double, triple, quadruple), paint, food, the gear pump gear pump, chemical pump, oil pump, lubrication pump, pressure relay (pressure switch), and other fluid products, products with superior performance, superior quality and have obtained the professional certification and customer recognition. The company has a number of fluid (hydraulic) industry experts and senior engineers, according to the different needs of customers to provide corresponding solutions, but also to provide customers with non-standard hydraulic system design and production.

The company has standard modern workshop, first-class advanced technology and testing equipment. Products through precision casting, hot forging press, welding, heat treatment, finishing, assembly, surface treatment and more than a dozen procedures, to ensure the product′s high quality, high performance, high cost performance, high application efficiency. Products are widely used in automobiles, ships, agricultural machinery, machine tools, engineering machinery, construction machinery, municipal engineering, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, forestry machinery, environmental protection machinery, light industrial machinery and other industries.

Not only that, At the same time, We have a complete integrated service system: Including the early professional technical personnel to quickly provide a variety of technical advice, to respond to your needs, to choose the right products for you, to provide reasonable and reliable advice; Commitment to product quality, lead time, etc., provide specific product plan and quotation. After sales include: Provide product installation, use, maintenance, troubleshooting and other services.

DALI has been adhering to the quality of survival, technology and development, and constantly exploring and innovating the development field of hydraulic components. The satisfaction and success of our customers is the most important measure of our performance. Daliang people hold the spirit of "indomitable, brave to climb", and make unremitting efforts to build an "international brand, a hundred years of great strength"! We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life at home and abroad and the general new and old customers to visit and guide, negotiate business,

After nearly 20 years of summary and refinement and customer feedback, please feel assured to purchase:

1. Quality guarantee: When purchasing products, the most important thing is the service life of the products. In this regard, the products of our company that leave the factory must go through strict selection of raw materials, strict production and processing and strict product quality inspection, so as to ensure that every part of the machine is of high quality before shipment;

2, reasonable price: Now our company is in the period of rapid development, in order to build its own brand, will appear in front of customers with the best price, we will according to your needs, to help you design the most cost-effective products.

3. Service guarantee: All enterprises that have cooperated with our company know that our company has many senior technical engineers with more than 20 years of practical working experience in hydraulic system design. They will give you detailed introduction and guidance during your phone call and use to ensure your normal use.


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